External Rotor Motor Cooling Fan
External Rotor Motor Cooling Fan

The remarkable coupling of the engine and impeller minimizes space prerequisites and accommodates vibration free operation. By consolidating the productivity of an impeller with the propelled innovation of an External Rotor Motor Cooling Fan, new norms for air execution and sound levels have been accomplished. Reasonable for either supply or fumes applications, mechanized impeller is the calmest and most proficient fan bundle accessible.
Sorts: Cross stream fan, Axial stream fan, Forward/Backward bend

Benefits & Features:

  •  100% speed controllable external rotor motors
  •  Super quiet BC aluminum / galvanize impellers
  •  Highly efficient backward / forward curved design
  •  Available in 220 / 440 volts
  •  Compact design, superior performance
  •  Rugged construction, ball bearing motors
  •  Capacities: 100 cfm to 3000 cfm


  •  Electronic cabinet cooling
  •  Clean room modules
  •  Heat exchangers
  •  Air filtration
  •  Military HRAC
  •  Medical appliances
  •  Plastic extrusion
  •  Fume hoods
  •  Pharmaceutical equipment
  •  Semiconductor industries